Inspiration: vintage photographs

I have the biggest design crush (borderline obsession) on beautiful fashion editorial/lifestyle vintage pictures used as art in interiors. Think Vogue issues from the 60s, attractive people hanging around the pool in expensive dresses and suits, old Hollywood glamour. The photographs work so great in any room, as a set or separately in a bigger scale and I think they look best in black frame for a more striking effect. Here are some of my favorite inspirations of the fabulous interiors I found around.

This is not exactly a vintage photograph but I love those Barbie and Ken photos, aren’t they hilarious?

1 Vogue July 1956 // 2 Vogue July 1960  // 3 60’s stripy suit // 4 Barbie and Ken // 5 Beach pose //

6 Nicole de la Marge // 7 Vogue July 1954 // 8 Vogue July 1961


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