Megan Hess’ home by Vogue living

If Vogue calls it fantastic, it must be fantastic! And oh it is. You must know illustrator Megan Hess‘ work from Candace Bushnell’s novels but she collaborated with all the biggest names in the fashion industry from Tiffany to Chanel and so on. And her Melbourne home is everything, as luxurious and fashionable as you can expect from an artist working in fashion.

The living room looks just like taken from one of the illustrations, doesn’t it?

I love the pink and brass combination.

The rest of the apartment feels much more masculine with glamorous accents like those  gold chairs and rug and how amazing are those double height partition windows/doors??

Black on white in the study makes all the finishes really stand out and I love the photographs on the walls!

Just imagine how amazing would it be to have a bath in here!! What a view!!


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