Design discovery: Swoon editions

Have you guys heard of Swoon Editions? You might have seen their ads on the tube if you live in London. I have so I went and checked their website and I found some real gems! The prices are affordable and definitely competitive and the designs they propose are on trend and very chic! I fell in love with their drink trolleys, especially this one in white marble and brass but they have anything from sofas to rugs.  The stocks are limited on some items which makes sense as it’s not a huge company and they offer free delivery inside the UK which is a big plus! They don’t have a showroom as they sell all of their items online, I wonder if any of you bought anything from them before?

I would love to know and hear your feedback! Below a round up of my favourite pieces so far!


#1 Bench £299   #2 Chest of drawers £369  #3 Shabby rug £199

#4 Gray armchair £429  (very Kelly Weastler)  #5 Tivoli sofa £699  #6 Gold side table £129


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