From fashion to homeware – 5 brands

A lot of fashion brands is venturing into the interior world in the recent years, usually with quiet a successful result. Most of them are luxury designers creating lifestyle collection to compliment their clothes but there is a fair bit of more affordable options out there.
So here is a little guide to some less knows but chic homeware collections that won’t break the bank.

Who knew this well established chic clothing brand had a homeware collection? Well I didn’t! But I am sure happy I discovered it as they have a good selection of lighting, accessories and even furniture in reasonable prices. I especially like their brass lamps and bohemian textiles.


You might have seen them on the high street or shopping centres with their hangers full of colourful, quirky dresses but don’t hesitate to go in and check out their home section. They have fully embraced the gold leaf trend and have a lovely selection of wine racks, consoles and side tables and loads of smaller pieces that add the extra chic touch. Playful and fun.


They mastered the art of “not being mainstream” despite being on the high street and I love their edgy style. I wouldn’t exactly call their home section a “collection” but they have few pieces of office decor and lovely stationary worth noting. Hopefully there is more to come!


If you are dreaming of bringing some colour and effortless bohemian look to your space, I would recommend visiting their story in Regent Street or website. They have a wonderful selection of anything from cushion to glassware in bright, happy patterns and colours.


Ok, I know it is not the most original one BUT I recently discovered they have a chain of stores called Home sense purely dedicated to Home Decor so I believe it’s worth having a peek. You can check their Instagram here as they don’t have an online store which I believe is due to the collections not being very permanent, basically you never know what you can find going in! I haven’t been myself yet as the shops are a bit less central but planning to go soon so will make sure to let you know if it’s worth a visit! At the moment though I am kind of into the cool accessories the main TKMAXX website has, they would be perfect to compliment a vanity table or for children’s room.

Have you shopped in any of them yet? Do you have any other recommendation? I’d love to know!

picture via Oliver Bonas


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