Mini guide to a functional kitchen

When is comes to kitchen design, you will most likely hire a designer or work with a kitchen company directly. In both cases before you start planning and searching Pinterest for inspiration, here are few things you should consider to make the most of your kitchen space!

How are you going to use the kitchen?

Cooking, baking, entertaining, feeding your pets, mini bar -what you do in the kitchen will ultimately dictate the layout and storage space needed for all the appliances . If you use the kitchen for entertaining as well as cooking you might consider an island with bar stools or a breakfast table. If you bake a lot and prepare large family meals you might consider a double oven with a grill. Think of what you don’t want on display and would have to find space for inside the cabinets – you might want to hide the smoothie maker or coffee machine instead of having them out at all times.

Who will use the kitchen?

Think of the height and depth of the worktops and cabinets in relation to your height and each other. Make sure the wall cupboards are not too high to reach and appropriate depth if made to order.

Think ahead of a storage space on a higher level if you want to store some products out of children’s reach.


Think ahead of how the bigger pieces of furniture will be brought into the space. Measure the doors and to make sure they will fit.

Zone it out

You might have heard of the rule of the “work triangle” in the kitchen – it’s an idea of creating the perfect layout between preparation, cooking and washing zones. It’is important that everything in the kitchen is within easy
reach, and that you can move freely and comfortably. Think again of how you use the space and how do you move from one task to another. For example the worktop where you chop the vegetables shouldn’t be too far from the hob and bin so they can be easily reached.


Ask questions about the materials proposed for the worktops and flooring, are they safe and durable? Are you going to have time for maintenance, what’s more important – the look/budget/durability? Some materials are more prone to damage and acid etching than others, make sure you are aware of the their properties.

You can write all the requirement down and take it with you when you speak to the kitchen designer to make sure you don’t miss any important parts and have the kitchen of your dreams as a result!

Feel free to check some kitchen inspiration on my Pinterest page once your are ready for the next step!


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