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My friend Charlotte and I met at work few years back and bonded over office drama and our love for interiors. She has a great eye for finding niche brands and accessories and know the best addresses for shopping in Paris, Brussels and London.

Charlotte lives in a one bedroom flat in Fulham with her husband Benoit – they rented it from the owner if the antique shop next door, a perfect place for an art historian and fine pieces specialist for one of the leading auction houses.

Even though the flat is not forever, they still managed to make it into a stylish abode – their space is filled with what they love most: history and art and is full of personal touches and memories.

Here is the tour of their lovely space!

Location: Fulham, rented
Size: 1 bedroom flat – 35 sqm
Time lived in the flat: 3 years

The favorite thing about your flat and why? We love the location! Our building is surrounded by antique shops, perfect for browsing on the weekends. The apartment is very bright and renovated to high standards with attention to detail which is unusual for London – we were lucky to find it!

Describe your home in 5 words: Comfy, welcoming, bright, elegant, practical

What makes you feel like home? Some nice music, a glass of Champagne and something homemade for dinner – I don’t eat meat so we make a lot of vegetarian curries!

How does the flat reflect your personality? Our tastes are quite different. So to avoid any arguments, we allocated specific areas for each to decorate!

“The sideboard is all mine, I love the combination of gold and pink with some flowers, it feels really feminine and very me – I am everything but a minimalist!”

Charlotte decorated the sideboard with her favorite pink and some flowers she dried herself- a local florist gave her tips on the best flowers to dry!

Favorite item / most cherished possession : My ostrich egg on duck legs, it’s a bit cheeky (and not so easy to find!).

Candle Cire Trudon / Gold Frame

While Charlotte decorated the sideboard, the bookshelf was left for her husband Benoit to fill in – mostly with antiques found in small shops in London and Paris or won at auctions.

“The bookshelf is Benoit’s territory, with more antique touches such as the marble obelisks, the miniature Greek amphora and horse paintings. “

“Most of our decoration reflects memories from travels, places where we lived and important moments such as our wedding two years ago.”

The gold frame below holds an autograph from one of the couple’s favorite authors, Austrian novelist Stephan Zweig. The watercolor print is a copy of their wedding invitation and blue pot is from Wedgwood.

Some of the furniture came with the flat – like the leather sofa – Charlotte decorated it with cute embroided pink cushion and a soft Alpaca blanket.

When asked about the inspiration for the space, Charlotte mentions interior designer Laura Gonzalez as her favorite. The couple is also huge fans of French artist duo Claude Lalanne – the choice for the Water Lily coffee table, the mouse doorstop and our vintage ostrich egg (named Claude) is a nod to them.

The kitchen is minimalistic with touches of pink flowers again and simple wooden accessories. It is an open space connected to the living room and the couple likes to keep it tidy. The kitchen table and chairs are from Ikea. On top tray and candle holders from OCHRE – a real mix of budget and luxury! The mouse doorstop was bough in a shop in Paris.

The marble pot if from the gift shop at the National History Museum.


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